The Mystery of Alien G- Prime- part-1 (ROLE OF CARBS - DEPLETED GLUCOSE)

Alex and Jezi team up with Professor Tee who runs a secret project called FOG. Professor Tee invents an avian droid (Infee) to perform experiments on targets. A target child, Mike, develops mysterious complications. Read more to learn how Medmavins rescue the target child.

What the reader learns:Through this comic, a reader learns about the breakdown of carbohydrates to glucose molecules and how glucose is stored and used by the body. 

The Mystery of Alien G- Prime - part-2 (ROLE OF CARBS- EXCESS GLUCOSE)

Alex and Jezi, with the help of Infee, infect more children with alien germs. This time a boy, Kirk, becomes unbearably overweight. Using the virtual body portal, the Medmavins help rescue the boy. Read more to learn how the Medmavins fight the alien germs.

What the reader learns:Readers learn how excess glucose molecules are deposited as fats, which creates havoc in the body. This comic also explains the importance of a balanced diet and exercise.

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Issue-3 The Mystery of Alien G- Prime

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